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Repair and Refurbishment of Offshore Vessels

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MNM Strategic Partners (Pty) Ltd offers a full vessel repair and refurbishment service to our clients. This service is supported by:

  • Full Polishing Service
  • Nozzle Alterations / Vessel Repair
  • Weld Repair & Full documentation
  • Capacity Changes
  • Client Specific Changes
  • Drawing and Design Office Team
  • Pressure Testing/Recertification
  • Full Quality Assurance Documentation
  • Independent Third Party Insurance Inspection (If Required)
  • Passivating

Our Vessel Repair And Refurbishment Process

Our Method Of Inspection And Decision For Repairs

Prior to beginning the vessel repair and refurbishment service, we conduct a thorough inspection and review of the product, including:

  • Operating conditions, inspection history, material of construction of the pressure vessel
  • Reasons for failure
  • Location of the damaged area by visual inspection and evaluation by NDT
  • Re-evaluate the need for repairs (back to design calculations)
  • Repair methods (for pressure retaining parts)
  • Preparation of a repair procedure

Considerations For Repair Procedures

  • Repair procedure alternative to PWHT or Pre-heating method, where impact testing is not done on the original equipment
  • Repair procedure alternative to PWHT, where impact testing is performed on the original equipment
  • Non-Destructive examination and testing of the repaired location
  • Repair to stainless steel overlays and clad

The Welding Process

  • The repairer, under close supervision and surveillance of the inspector, executes actual repairs. The written and qualified procedures are strictly followed. In case the impact testing is specified, the welding parameters are also monitored and ensured to be within the range at which the procedure is qualified.
  • Specified NDE before welding repairs and after welding repairs are carried out and are approved by the inspector.
  • After repairs the inspection record and the history of equipment, giving details of repairs, is updated and a next inspection schedule is recommended to the owner/user.

Repairs of pressure vessels are not always warranted, the decision of welding repairs must be taken with due consideration to the location of defect, carefully evaluated and interpreted NDE results, Design Calculations, Construction condition such as PWHT and Impact test.

Once the decision of welding repairs is taken then it is necessary to document the repair procedure giving details of NDT test necessary, pre heat and PWHT (as required), welding sequence, monitoring the welding parameters, pressure test requirements etc. We also prepare the inspection reports and follow up inspection at a predefined inspection interval.

Our marine engineering services Include

Mechanical & Engine works,

 Electrical & Electronic Repair Works,

Propulsion & Thruster Overhauls, 

Pipe Repairs & Fabrication Works,

Steel Repairs & Fabrication Works, 

Cofferdam Repairs, 

Underwater Repairs & Diving,

UWILD Inspections,

 Blasting & Painting, 

Riding Squads