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Operating across every industry and in South Africa, we have aimed to grow to be industry experts, where you can come to for in-depth market knowledge. Our team are multilingual and experienced across all skill sets within the corporate sphere, constantly learning and researching our different industries.

In our search to uncover the best talent in your field, we refuse to use narrow, job-board-led networks – believing that the best people, the ones our clients really want, are currently being successful within another company. Our approach and premium market search methodology ensures we can find and speak to every qualified candidate and find the best fit for your company.

Our Services

Vessel/Ship Agent

When it comes to moving your precious cargo safely from point A to point B, we’ve got you covered

Commodity Supply

MNM Strategic Partners (Pty) Ltd supply all sorts of commodities to clients and prospective clients from all African countries

Lay up of Offshore Vessels

Drilling contractors are faced with the unfortunate need to retire or cold stack their drilling units.  For many of the older drilling units, the decision will most likely result in permanent retirement

Decommisioning Offshore Vessels

Providing services for the decommissioning of rig, asset and platform installation drilling packages globally

Preservation and Reactivation

Rig lay-up and preservation services are tailored to the clients’ requirements to prevent excessive or accelerated deterioration of the rig and its equipment

Repair and Refurbishing Offshore Vessels

MNM Strategic Partners (Pty) Ltd offers a full vessel repair and refurbishment service to our clients…


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