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MNM Strategic Partners can provide services for the decommissioning of rig, asset and platform installation drilling packages globally. MNM Strategic Partners is typically utilized to help manage the process, or to complete specific decommissioning of drilling rigs and packages to aid in reducing the deck load on existing platforms or removing specific modules of an installation prior to the major heavy lift crane activities. The services include engineering, planning, personnel capable of providing the service that you require. MNM Strategic Partners has extensive experience in the commissioning of oil and gas assets and utilizes this experience during the dismantling of the asset on location. It is extremely important that experienced personnel are utilized so as the integrity of the structure being decommissioned is maintained.

Decommissioning is an extremely complex and expensive activity so it is important to ensure that you have the right personnel involved in the operation to ensure the capital project is completed safely, cost effectively and environmentally friendly. The project like all others needs to follow a plan and MNM Strategic Partners can help throughout this process, including;

  • Concept Optimization
  • Contracting Strategy and Contractor Management
  • Risk Management
  • Utilizing industry best practices and implement industry lessons learned.


MNM Strategic Partners (Pty) Ltd includes decommissioning services for a more comprehensive life-of-field solution for its clients.

Services include base port services, engineering, project management, and offshore execution for the following:

  • Disconnect of risers/umbilicals
  • Disconnect and recovery of mooring lines
  • Procedures and execution for hull disconnect and tow
  • Procurement of rigging and tow equipment
  • Ballasting and deballasting for topside removal and reefing
  • Hull towing operations
  • Reefing within the ‘Rigs-to-Reefs’ programme

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